Setting up the Germanator on Wrestlers

Ralf leads by example, proving that smart training, good nutrition, adequate recovery and an open mind are keys to longevity in jiu jitsu. Ralf teaches his signature submission from Gunshow – The Germanator 🤖⚔   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Rubber Guard Assassins (@rubberguardassassins) on Feb 19, 2018 at … Read more

Gogoplata Safety: How to protect your knee explained by Ralf Warneking

Understanding how to safely protect your knee when using the Rubber Guard is important. In this post, we will specifically look at how do you protect your knee when playing the Gogoplata. We received this question from TJ on Instagram:   “My knee popped while in rubber guard going for a Gogoplata. Was rolling … Read more

Germanator Setup – Rubber Guard Tips

From Gunshow the Germanator is always an option. Once you have Wrist Control, it’s all about the details in setting up / and finishing with the Triangle (T-1000) that makes the difference. Check out the Germanator submission category to learn more.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Rubber Guard … Read more

Germanator from Gunshow by Ralf Warneking

From Gunshow there are many options, Germanator being one of them. Ralf Warneking demonstrates the Germanator from Gunshow. Path: Thai Clinch > Mission Control > Zombie > New York > Gunshow > Wrist Control > T-1000 (Triangle 1000) > Shin Grip Extra transitions: Triangle > Inverted Armbar > Armbar > Another Inverted Armbar > … Read more

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