Rubber Guard Safety Tip: Hug The Knee

Rubber Guard Tips: Participation in sports brings an unavoidable risk of injury, but injury can be minimised through smart training and good technique. Three key points for good Rubber Guard Technique: 1️⃣ Always hug the knee, bringing your chest towards your knee closing the gap 2️⃣ Leg curls, leg curls, leg curls. Pinch and … Read more

Gogoplata Safety: How to protect your knee explained by Ralf Warneking

Understanding how to safely protect your knee when using the Rubber Guard is important. In this post, we will specifically look at how do you protect your knee when playing the Gogoplata. We received this question from TJ on Instagram:   “My knee popped while in rubber guard going for a Gogoplata. Was rolling … Read more

Three important tips to protect your knee in Rubber Guard

How do you protect your knees when doing the Rubber Guard? Dr Coach Wes takes us through his three important points to maintaining Rubber Guard safety: 1️⃣  Hug your knee 2️⃣  Pinch your knees / leg curls, activate your hamstring muscles 3️⃣  Flex your foot and toes back towards your knee at all times … Read more

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