Germanator by the Rubber Guard Couple

Jiu Jitsu relationship goals! The Germanator demonstrated by New Zealand’s Rubber Guard couple. Ralf Warneking tips: “Two crucial details to finishing the Germanator – From Wrist Control, shift your hips to the side to create a better angle for the Triangle-1000. Once the T-1000 is in place, switch your Gunshow grip over to your … Read more

Germanator from Gunshow by Ralf Warneking

From Gunshow there are many options, Germanator being one of them. Ralf Warneking demonstrates the Germanator from Gunshow. Path: Thai Clinch > Mission Control > Zombie > New York > Gunshow > Wrist Control > T-1000 (Triangle 1000) > Shin Grip Extra transitions: Triangle > Inverted Armbar > Armbar > Another Inverted Armbar > … Read more

Using Gunshow to setup the Dead Orchard – Ben Eddy

Gunshow to Dead Orchard explained by Ben Eddy: “A couple crucial details for making gunshow work – I’ve been getting some questions about both getting the grip, and securing the Dead Orchard. The main reason I switch to this grip is for strength. It free’s up an extra arm to force the Dead Orchard. Dead … Read more

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