X-Wing Choke from Gogoplata by Wes Levine

X-Wing Choke by Wes Levine, setup from the Omoplata / Gogoplata position. Key point, make sure you control your partners wrist to during the transition to the Omoplata. Setup: Mission Control > Zombie > New York > Clear The Neck > Chill Dog > Omoplata + catch the wrist of your partner > Gogoplata … Read more

Three important tips to protect your knee in Rubber Guard

How do you protect your knees when doing the Rubber Guard? Dr Coach Wes takes us through his three important points to maintaining Rubber Guard safety: 1️⃣  Hug your knee 2️⃣  Pinch your knees / leg curls, activate your hamstring muscles 3️⃣  Flex your foot and toes back towards your knee at all times … Read more

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