Elvira Karppinen – The Viking Spirit Documentary

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Elvira Karppinen is a world-renowned Finnish jiu jitsu black belt. She is also the wife of Lauri Karppinen, another 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu black belt. The two met at an early age and have been married for over 10 years.

Elvira is a multiple-time world champion and has won numerous Jiu Jitsu titles. She is also a successful business woman, running her own 10th Planet academy in Tampere, Finland. Elvira is passionate about her sport and her students, and her story is one of dedication, passion and perseverance.

In this documentary by Michael Plaster, Elvira provides an intimate look at her life as a competitor, wife and business woman. Through interviews and never-before-seen footage, Elvira opens up about the trials and tribulations of competition, injury and demonstrating her Viking Spirit philosophy.


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