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With the reboot in 2011, Mortal Kombat matured from a curious fighting game series to one that’s worthy of tournament-level competition, and with Mortal Kombat X, we get the next step in the evolution of its fighting system. New features such as fighting-style variations and a stamina meter enhance the chaos, giving you more to consider before and during a fight. As much headway as Mortal Kombat X has made in regards to the fighting system, the series’ other mainstay trait has grown in step. Fatalities and other gruesome attacks are the series’ goriest yet, and while not all of them fall into the slapstick category, there are plenty that make you laugh due to the absurdity on display.

Mortal Kombat X upholds the series’ legacy, which is evident in the story mode and the return of a dozen classic characters. Once again, the focus is on the battle between realms, elder gods, and humanity. The introduction of a few new faces on the side of Earthrealm, the good guys, freshens things up, although not as much as you would hope. The inclusion of the offspring of legacy characters, like Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade’s daughter, Cassie, may prove to be intriguing for die-hard fans of Mortal Kombat’s lore, but with the exception of Takashi Takeda (Kenshi’s son) and Kung Jin (the younger cousin of Kung Lao), most of them are too similar to their relatives and ultimately fail to stand out in a meaningful way.

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